ESERCIZIO NUM: 1960 - CATEGORIA: verbi > negative-form - DIFFICOLTA': ****
CLICCA QUI per aprire un TUTORIAL sui VERBI prima di svolgere l'esercizio

Frasi alla forma negativa: scegli il verbo giusto per completare queste frasi correttamente(02).

1 She ___ been skiing before. A=never B=has never C=was never / 2 We ___ alive today if not for the heroic actions of the firemen. A=not would be B=wouldn't be C=wouldn't / 3 ___ a problem if you want to stay in the guest room. A=It was not B=It's not C=Not / 4 Uncle Rick ____ his pills. A=have not been taking B=not been taking C=has not been taking / 5 The problem with the door ___ my fault. A=did not B=was not C=not was / 6 ___ that I'm busy? A=Can don't you see B=Can't you see C=Can you see not / 7 Neither of my pets __ leftovers. A=won't eat B=eat C=don't eat / 8 Which is correct? A=This little mouse not like cheese. B=This little mouse like not cheese. C=This little mouse does not like cheese. / 9 Which is correct? A=I am not like this cake. B=I not like this cake. C=I don't like this cake. / 10 Which is correct? A=She should not listen to her husband. B=She should doesn't listen to her husband. C=She should don't listen to her husband.