ESERCIZIO NUM: 1943 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > avverbi negative-form - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Frasi alla forma negativa: scegli l'avverbio giusto per completare queste frasi correttamente.

1 __ of us was able to reach the target on time. A=Either B=Not C=Neither / 2 Which is correct? A=We both didn't do it. B=Neither of us did it. C=A or B / 3 Which is correct? A=Nobody could do it. B=Everybody couldn't do it. C=A or B / 4 Which is correct? A=I have no brothers. B=I don't have any brothers. C=A or B / 5 ___ have I seen such a waste of money. A=In no time B=Not always C=Never / 6 To stress 'never', we can say ___. A=nor ever B=never ever C=ever never / 7 'neither' matches with __. A=nor B=or C=never / 8 I called but he was ___. A=not around B=not in C=A or B / 9 Another way to say nobody is ___. A=not everyone B=no one C=not onebody / 10 ___ the trouble I've seen. A=Nobody knows B=Not all knows C=Nobody doesn't know