ESERCIZIO NUM: 1942 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Quiz di analisi grammaticale inglese, scegli la risposta corretta ad ogni domanda fra le tre proposte(02):

1 A word like, 'oh!' or 'ah' is ____. A=an interruption B=an injunction C=an interjection / 2 A word that describes an action is ___. A=a verb B=an adjection C=a gerund / 3 A ___ verb, on the other hand, describes a non-physical action. A=reactive B=stative C=mative / 4 ___ is an example of a stative verb. A=Think B=Sprint C=Milk / 5 A ___ noun describes an object by name. A=proper B=real C=concrete / 6 Which of the following is a proper noun? A=Los Angeles B=president C=lake / 7 An adverb can describe a verb or ___. A=a situation in the past B=an adjective C=another verb / 8 An adjective describes a ___. A=preposition B=verb C=noun / 9 Which word is NOT a preposition? A=with B=same C=to / 10 Sometimes a word may be a verb or a noun depending on context. A=False B=Only true in the past C=True