ESERCIZIO NUM: 1940 - CATEGORIA: verbi > participio - DIFFICOLTA': *****
CLICCA QUI per aprire un TUTORIAL sui VERBI prima di svolgere l'esercizio

Frasi con il PARTICIPIO, indica il modo giusto di completare ogni frase:

1 The __ bear made the crowd laugh. A=danced B=dancing C=A or B / 2 He made an ___ plea for assistance. A=impassioning B=impassioned C=A or B / 3 The ___ look on her face told him something was wrong. A=neglecting B=neglected C=A or B / 4 May I have the ____ sausage? A=A or B B=remaining C=remained / 5 We all admired the ___ Buddha in the temple. A=A or B B=sitting C=sat / 6 With a ___ scream, she turned and fled the scene of the crime. A=horrifying B=horrified C=A or B / 7 Shooting at __ geese is harder than shooting at swimming ones. A=flying B=flew C=A or B / 8 The ___ text is shorter by thirty percent. A=abridging B=abridged C=A or B / 9 ___ vampires dance! Feel the voodoo curse! A=Laughing B=Laughed C=A or B / 10 Voodoo is actually not a ___ matter. A=laughed B=laughing C=A or B