ESERCIZIO NUM: 1911 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > avverbi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Indica il modo giusto di utilizzare SO per completare ogni frase(02):

1 George speaks good English. A=So do I. B=So am I. C=So did I. / 2 George can swim really well. A=So do I. B=So am I. C=So can I. / 3 Mary lives near Mulberry Lane. A=So does George. B=So is George. C=So would George. / 4 I love to watch wrestling on television. A=So do all my friends. B=So are all my friends. C=So does all my friends. / 5 He would run a mile if he saw a ghost. A=So am I. B=So did I. C=So would I. / 6 I go home after work. A=So is everybody else. B=So does everybody else. C=So do everybody else. / 7 Humans are complicated organisms. A=So do other mammals. B=So are other mammals. C=So is other mammals. / 8 Which phrase means 'etc.'? A=...and so on. B=...and so. C=...and so to. / 9 Which sentence is correct? A=I don't think so the bus will come on time. B=I don't think so. C=A and B / 10 If you like something a little, you say that it is ___. A=so forth B=so-so C=so-up