ESERCIZIO NUM: 1910 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > avverbi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Indica il modo giusto di utilizzare SO per completare ogni frase(01):

1 Fujiko is from Japan. A=So does Yuki. B=So was Yuki. C=So is Yuki. / 2 Cars are expensive and so __ gasoline. A=is B=was C=does / 3 Bob loves to eat chocolate ice cream and ___. A=so I do B=so is he C=so do I / 4 Bob is in love with Jennifer and ___. A=so is Bob B=so am I C=so do I / 5 My dad watches all the big boxing matches. A=So do my parents. B=So are my parents. C=So does my parents. / 6 Bill made some errors of judgement. ___. A=So George too. B=So did George C=So was George / 7 She enjoyed the movie and ___. A=so am I B=so did I C=so I am / 8 To show something is unimportant, we say ___ A=So much! B=So too! C=So what? / 9 When progress is satisfactory, we say ___ A=So far the goods B=So far so good C=So good so far / 10 To ask for confirmation, you can say ___ A=So is that? B=Is that so? C=So that is?