ESERCIZIO NUM: 1903 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi avverbi - DIFFICOLTA': *****

Indica la forma giusta di AROUND per completare ogni frase:

1 Kids need space to ___. A=eat around B=run around C=root around / 2 Which is not a real phrase? A=jump around B=play around C=bump around / 3 I use my jeep to ___. A=get around B=play around C=up around / 4 No one likes to ___. A=wait around B=spin around C=look around / 5 Which is not a real phrase? A=talk around B=go around C=spin around / 6 Let's go ___ the shops for a while. A=wander around B=bother around C=jump around / 7 To get a good deal, you need to ___. A=buy around B=shop around C=slip around / 8 Which is not a real phrase? A=move around B=pay around C=sleep around / 9 Jody uses his wheelchair to ___. A=motion around B=move around C=run around / 10 If you are rich, you can ___ in a Learjet. A=flew around B=fly around C=air around