ESERCIZIO NUM: 1892 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Indica la conclusione giusta per completare ogni frase:

1 She loves to take a shower ____. A=at evening B=in the evening C=on the evening / 2 ____, he will give you some great tips. A=For a dollars B=To a few dollars C=For a few dollars / 3 I can't believe Sally is still ___. A=in the bed B=on bed C=in bed / 4 Brad Pitt is always ___. A=into the news B=in the news C=with the news / 5 I prefer the weather ____. A=on the summer B=at the winter C=in the spring / 6 Which is correct? A=I with my friends enjoy shopping. B=I enjoy shopping with my friends. C=I with my friends enjoy to shopping. / 7 Which is correct? A=With only a begging bowl, he travelled 1000 miles. B=He travelled one thousand miles with only a begging bowl. C=A and B / 8 Which is correct? A=I with my uncle like to go fishing. B=I like to go fishing with my uncle. C=A and B / 9 Right now, Elizabeth is ___. A=at home B=to home C=in home / 10 Shaun will go to jail ____. A=at four years B=for three years C=to eight years