ESERCIZIO NUM: 1890 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': *****

Inserisci il PREFISSO giusto in base alle richieste di ogni frase:

1 Which prefix means 'before?' A=post- B=non- C=pre- / 2 Which prefix means 'after'? A=pre- B=non- C=post- / 3 Which prefix means 'not'? A=un- B=non- C=A and B / 4 Which word describes a short film before the main show? A=perview B=postview C=preview / 5 Which word describes an operation after someone is dead? A=postmortem B=premort C=nonmortem / 6 Which word means 'not amused'? A=unamused B=nonamused C=inamused / 7 Which word means 'not logical'? A=nonlogical B=unlogical C=illogical / 8 Which prefix means 'together'? A=co- B=corp- C=cre- / 9 Which word means 'work together'? A=corporate B=creoperate C=cooperate / 10 Which word means 'take again'? A=retake B=rintake C=pretake