ESERCIZIO NUM: 1848 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

SHORT ANSWERS: scegli quella corretta per ogni domanda proposta.

1 Can you swim? A=Yes, I can B=Can C=A or B / 2 How often do you work out? A=Once a week B=One week C=One time one week / 3 Which is a correct shortened form? A=Ever been America? B=Ever been to America? C=You ever in America? / 4 Have you got any small change? A=Don't B=No, I don't C=Haven't / 5 Where's your wife today? A=Shopping B=At shopping C=Go to shopping / 6 How did you feel about it? A=More happy B=Very happy C=Was happy / 7 How often do you eat vegetarian food? A=All the time B=All time C=No the time / 8 Can you help me lift these boxes? A=Certain B=Certainly C=A or B / 9 Who wants to be a millionaire? A=Not me B=No is me C=No me / 10 How much is your monthly salary? A=Not much B=Enough not C=No much