ESERCIZIO NUM: 1814 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Scegli la risposta corretta a queste domande varie sui SUFFISSI:

1 Which suffix means 'without'? A=-ful B=-tion C=-less / 2 Which suffix means 'full of'? A=-ful B=-full C=-tion / 3 Which suffix forms a noun? A=-tion B=-ism C=A and B / 4 Which suffix shows that the word describes a person? A=-ism B=-ist C=A and B / 5 Which word has two suffixes? A=hopeless B=hopeful C=hopefulness / 6 A person who does not like other races is a ___. A=racist B=racial C=racer / 7 Someone without any idea is ____. A=clueless B=clueful C=A and B / 8 Someone who is full of joy is ___. A=joyful B=joyerly C=joyable / 9 Which suffix means 'can'? A=-able B=-around C=-er / 10 If something can be done, it is ___. A=undoubtful B=doable C=doerly