ESERCIZIO NUM: 1803 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

frasi temporali, scegli la parola giusta per completarle correttamente(02):

1 ___, do you think man will colonise space? A=In the future B=On the future C=With the future / 2 I haven't seen my baby ___. A=for a long time B=a long time C=since a long time / 3 I haven't seen my sweetheart ___. A=for ages B=big long time C=long time already / 4 It's been ages __ we played football together. A=for B=the time that C=since / 5 We ___ spend enough time helping our kids with their homework. A=rarely B=not often C=sometime / 6 Have I seen you somewhere ___? A=before B=again C=last time / 7 I was totally exhausted __ the time I got home. A=by B=at C=for / 8 I think about her ___. A=all times B=at always C=all the time / 9 The doctor will be with you ___. A=whilst B=for a moment C=in a moment / 10 The doctor will be with you __. A=soonly B=short time already C=shortly / 11 The research paper is due ___. A=a week ago on Monday B=a week on Monday C=in a week on Monday / 12 Sherry came to visit us __. A=last few days B=in a few days C=a few days ago / 13 ___, he is ranked number one in the world. A=Momentarily B=Nowly C=Currently / 14 ___, please. I need to powder my nose. A=Just a moment B=Wait first C=Moment to wait / 15 We reached the station at five-fifteen ___. A=roughly exactly B=on the dot C=in the exactly