ESERCIZIO NUM: 18 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > aggettivi comparativi - DIFFICOLTA': ***

ER o EST? scegli l'aggettivo corretto fra quelli indicati(03):

1. My brother Jeff is the ___person in the house. (lazy, lazier, laziest) 2. Lucy is _____ than Elizabeth.(smart, smarter, smartest) 3. Apples are ____ than oranges at the store. (cheap, cheaper,cheapest) 4. Our principal is the ____ man there is. (kind, kinder, kindest) 5. Jonathan is ____ than Freddy. (bold, bolder, boldest) 6. Jeremy is the ____ student of the class. (young, younger,youngest) 7. My dad is _____ than yours. (old, older, oldest) 8. These are the ____ clothes I have ever owned. (cool, cooler, coolest) 9. These fruits are the ____ in the store.(fresh, fresher, freshest) 10. Bill will arrive ____ than he thought. (late, later, latest) 11. This training is _____ than the one we had last week. (tough,tougher, toughest) 12. This rope is ____ than that one. (long, longer, longest)