ESERCIZIO NUM: 1794 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > articoli - DIFFICOLTA': ****

ARTICOLO si o no? fai la scelta giusta per completare queste frasi(02):

1 The thief only stole from ____. A=the rich people B=the rich C=rich / 2 There is an American TV show called ____. A=Bold and the Beautiful B=The Bold and the Beautiful C=The Bold and Beautiful / 3 Another TV show is called ___. A=The Young and the Restless B=The Young and Restless C=Young and the Restless / 4 Everyone should chip in to help out ___. A=the poor B=poor people C=A and B / 5 The new budget offers hope for ___. A=elderly B=the elderlies C=the elderly / 6 The Government wants to help ____ to find jobs. A=the nonemployed B=the unemployed C=the employed / 7 75 percent of the country's wealth belongs to ___. A=the elites B=the elite C=elite / 8 ____ are starting to become the largest demographic sector. A=The middle-age B=Middle-age C=The middle-aged / 9 Out with the old and in with __. A=the fresh B=the new C=the news / 10 It is something that ___ would not understand. A=the ignorant B=the ignorance C=the ignorants