ESERCIZIO NUM: 1793 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > articoli - DIFFICOLTA': ****

ARTICOLO si o no? fai la scelta giusta per completare queste frasi(01):

1 This will be a tough task for ___. A=government B=the government C=A or B / 2 ___ everywhere love burgers and fries. A=Students B=The students C=The student / 3 ____ that I received was wrong. A=Information B=The informations C=The information / 4 Which is correct? A=The Africa B=The China C=The United States / 5 Which is correct? A=The India B=The Norway C=The United Kingdom / 6 Which is correct? A=The White House B=The George Washington C=The Washington D.C. / 7 Which is NOT correct? A=The Pacific Ocean B=The Red Sea C=The Mount Fuji / 8 Which is NOT correct? A=The Brazil B=The Brazilian people C=The Brazilian countryside / 9 Which is correct? A=I brushed the my teeth. B=I took the bath before I went to bed. C=I turned off the TV. / 10 Which is NOT correct? A=I went to see the doctor. B=I went to see the my sister. C=I went to see the dentist.