ESERCIZIO NUM: 1787 - CATEGORIA: verbi > conditional - DIFFICOLTA': ****
CLICCA QUI per aprire un TUTORIAL sui VERBI prima di svolgere l'esercizio

ZERO CONDITIONAL: completa le frasi scegliendo la soluzione corretta(02).

1 If you pay peanuts, you ___. A=get monkeys B=got monkeys C=getting monkeys / 2 If you ____, you get a certificate. A=will finish the course B=do finish the course C=finish the course / 3 Which is correct? A=If the game ends in a draw, there is a penalty shootout. B=There is a penalty shootout if the game ends in a draw. C=A or B / 4 Which is correct? A=If you touch the ball, you are penalised. B=If you touch the ball you are penalised. C=A or B / 5 Which is correct? A=The game pauses, if the referee blows the whistle. B=The game pauses if the referee blows the whistle. C=A or B / 6 Which sentence is better? A=If people panic, they scream. B=When people panic, they scream. C=A and B are both appropriate / 7 Which is correct? A=If Magnesium reacts, you expose it to air. B=Magnesium reacts if you expose it to air. C=A or B / 8 If ___, I break out in a rash. A=I eat seafood B=eat seafood C=eating seafood / 9 If ____, there is an offside offence. A=the linesman's flag is raised B=the linesman's flag was raised C=the linesman's flag raised / 10 Which sentence is a zero conditional? A=If I had a dollar for every grammar rule, I'd be rich. B=If the students know the answer, they raise their hands. C=If Jack is late, he'll be in trouble again.