ESERCIZIO NUM: 1783 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

L'ordine delle parole in queste frasi è diverso. Qual è quello corretto?

1 Which is correct? A=In the summer, Paul spends time in Switzerland. B=Paul spends time in Switzerland in the summer. C=A and B / 2 Which is correct? A=The city was evacuated because of the hurricane. B=Because of the hurricane, the city was evacuated. C=A and B / 3 Our neighbours have a ___. A=black big cat B=big black cat C=A and B / 4 Which is correct? A=We do not have enough sugar. B=We have sugar not enough. C=A and B / 5 I love to eat ___. A=fish and chips B=chips and fish C=chips 'n' fish / 6 Sherry drives a ____. A=small Japanese car B=Japanese small car C=A and B / 7 Which sounds best? A=four beautiful red silk roses B=four beautiful silk red roses C=beautiful four silk red roses / 8 That restaurant serves ____. A=Thai delicious food B=delicious Thai food C=A and B / 9 Which sounds better? A=What an old silly man! B=What silly old man! C=What a silly old man! / 10 We bought ____. A=a silver expensive mirror B=an expensive silver mirror C=A and B