ESERCIZIO NUM: 1782 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > nomi aggettivi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

NOME, VERBO o AGGETTIVO? Completa le frasi utilizzando la versione corretta della parola proposta(03):

1 Eat well and look after your ___. A=healthful B=health C=healthy / 2 The antique is over two thousand years old, but its __ remains unknown. A=original B=originality C=origin / 3 They are known to be a ___ race. A=peace B=peaceful C=peacing / 4 He is a man of science. He is a ___. A=scientist B=scienter C=sciencer / 5 Take __ not to spill any acid on the floor. A=careless B=careful C=care / 6 This play is really starting to __ me. A=boring B=bored C=bore / 7 Did you see his ___ when Russia scored the goal? A=reactive B=react C=reaction / 8 This seems like an ____ moment to begin the ceremony. A=opportunity B=opportunistic C=opportune / 9 Which word can be a verb or a noun? A=fire B=arrange C=prepare / 10 Which word can be a verb or a noun? A=intact B=contact C=react