ESERCIZIO NUM: 1781 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > nomi aggettivi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

NOME, VERBO o AGGETTIVO? Completa le frasi utilizzando la versione corretta della parola proposta(02):

1 She doesn't talk much; she is not very ____. A=communicate B=communicative C=communal / 2 We had great ___ in reaching the mountain peak. A=difficulty B=difficult C=diffidence / 3 Her ___ and courage were admired by all of Egypt. A=strength B=stronger C=strong / 4 The good Samaritan was famous for being ___ and kind to people. A=helpfulness B=helpful C=helpless / 5 I don't like to ___, but I do think the Japanese are hardworking. A=generally B=general C=generalise / 6 The electric motor was his finest ___. A=create B=creative C=creation / 7 The food was great, but the restaurant rated low on ____. A=cleanliness B=clean C=cleanful / 8 Which word can be a verb or a noun? A=bring B=search C=inside / 9 Which word can be a verb or a noun? A=riot B=classic C=fantasy / 10 Look at all that ___ under your fingernails! A=dirt B=dirty C=dirtiness