ESERCIZIO NUM: 1773 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-indefiniti - DIFFICOLTA': ****

WHENEVER oppure WHATEVER? Completa le frasi scegliendo l'indefinito giusto fra quelli proposti.

1 You can tell me ___ you want. A=however B=whatever C=whoever / 2 Whatever means ___. A=nothing that B=anything that C=something that / 3 ___ wins the presidency will have a tough job ahead of them. A=Whoever B=Whatever C=However / 4 She just dates ___ she wants to. A=whoever B=anybody C=A and B / 5 She just does ___ she wants to. A=what B=whatever C=A and B / 6 You can use the machine ____ you like. A=any way that B=however C=A and B / 7 Which is correct? A=I will buy you whatever. B=I will buy you whatever you desire. C=I will buy you what ever you desire. / 8 Come and see me ___ you are ready. A=whenever B=whatever C=however / 9 Which is correct? A=Whenever he sees Jane, his heart skips a beat. B=He sees Jane, his heart skips a beat whenever. C=He sees Jane, whenever his heart skips a beat. / 10 Which is correct? A=They are watching you whenever you come here. B=Everytime you come here, they are watching you. C=A and B