ESERCIZIO NUM: 1765 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > aggettivi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Completa le frasi utilizzando uno dei tre AGGETTIVI proposti in base al senso della frase(02):

13 Look how big the statue is! It's ____. A=chilly B=huge C=puny / 14 These jeans are too ____. I need to put on a belt to stop them falling down. A=vast B=loose C=narrow / 15 Tony is so ____. He never spends money unless it's absolutely necessary. A=jealous B=stingy C=courageous / 16 This is such a ____ restaurant – so many people and so much noise. It's great. A=lively B=jealous C=cramped / 17 ____ means the same thing as 'brave.' A=Courageous B=Enthusiastic C=Magnificent / 18 ____ is the opposite of 'wide'. A=Chilly B=Narrow C=Damp / 19 This rabbit is soft and furry. See how ____ it is. A=fluffy B=damp C=frail / 20 Jane is really ____ about her piano classes. She never stops talking about them. A=magnificent B=enthusiastic C=jealous / 21 I'm so ____ of Joe's new car. I want one too! A=vast B=fearful C=jealous / 22 It's a bit ___ in here. Can someone put the heating on? A=smooth B=chilly C=frail / 23 The ceiling is ____. There must be a hole in the roof where the rain gets in. A=splendid B=damp C=narrow / 24 Tigers are ____ animals. They're wonderful! A=frail B=tedious C=magnificent / 25 After not eating for three days, the monk looked so ____. A=frail B=splendid C=narrow