ESERCIZIO NUM: 1764 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > aggettivi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Completa le frasi utilizzando uno dei tre AGGETTIVI proposti in base al senso della frase(01):

1 The old man donated fifty dollars. That was very ___ of him. A=tasteful B=genteel C=kind / 2 It was a ___ victory. No one had expected Norway to win the World Cup. A=futile B=normal C=stunning / 3 The Pope really is quite a ___ person. He is really special. A=morose B=remarkable C=futile / 4 You're lucky to see these birds. They're extremely ___ in this part of the world. A=deadly B=rare C=uncomfortable / 5 We had an ___ meal, and we're never going back to that restaurant. A=elegant B=eventful C=awful / 6 Ronaldo possesses an ___ talent for football. A=extraordinary B=extra C=ordinary / 7 Bob made a ___ donation of ten dollars. A=jiggy B=grand C=generous / 8 Doesn't Benny look ___ in his new suit. A=smart B=dressed C=tipsy / 9 The heroic knight did battle with the ___ witch. A=generous B=hesitant C=wicked / 10 Dolphins are quite ___ animals. They can communicate with each other. A=clever B=taciturn C=tactful / 11 The __ fireman ran into the burning building to rescue the child A=lively B=brave C=fearful / 12 This statue is __. It's at least 3000 years old. A=frail B=loose C=ancient