ESERCIZIO NUM: 17 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > aggettivi comparativi - DIFFICOLTA': ***

ER o EST? scegli l'aggettivo corretto fra quelli indicati(02):

1. This light is much __brighter_ than that one. (bright, brighter, brightest) 2. Rex is the _____ dog I know.(hungry, hungrier, hungriest) 3. The police officer looks ___than the thief he arrested. (angry, angrier, angriest) 4. Whales are the ____ mammals on earth. (large, larger, largest) 5. This shirt is ______ than the one I wore yesterday. (new, newer, newest) 6. The scared child looked _____ now that his mother arrived.(calm, calmer, calmest) 7. The movie is ____ than I thought it would be. (funny, funnier, funniest) 8. Be careful, this knife is ____ than it looks. (sharp, sharper, sharpest) 9. This box is _____ than the one on the floor. (heavy, heavier, heaviest) 10. The front window is ___ than the back one.(clean, cleaner, cleanest) 11. This new blanket is the ____ I have ever had.(soft, softer, softest) 12. The lemonade is _____ than I thought.(sweet, sweeter, sweetest)