ESERCIZIO NUM: 1696 - CATEGORIA: verbi > phrasal-verbs - DIFFICOLTA': ****
CLICCA QUI per aprire un TUTORIAL sui VERBI prima di svolgere l'esercizio

Scegli il PHRASAL VERB corretto fra i quattro proposti per completare ogni frase.

1. Jonathan doesn’t like to such a strict schedule, but he has no choice in the military. a. get in b. adhere to c. chip in d. drop off / 2. Simon's mother kept his first pair of baby shoes. She simply couldn’t. a. send for them b. drop them off c. part with themd. put them aside / 3. We had a lot of company over the weekend and actually coffee. a. be out of b. ran out of c. put up with d. ran into / 4. Just before retiring, the director the management of the school to his assistant. a. is turning over b. turned over c. pointed out d. parted with / 5. It took a long time before Sonya was able to all the money she borrowed for college. a. pay back b. keep up with c. chip in d. put off / 6. If you go camping near a river, snakes. There are lots of poisonous varieties that may bite you. a. take back b. turn down c. look out for d. pick up / 7. How much money is each person for the present? a. cheering up b. chipping in c. checking out d. charging up / 8. How did Bill react when you the mistakes in his report? a. picked up b. saw about c. pointed out d. turned over