ESERCIZIO NUM: 16 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > aggettivi comparativi - DIFFICOLTA': ***

ER o EST? scegli l'aggettivo corretto fra quelli indicati:

1. Bernadette is the ___girl in her class. (tall, taller, tallest) 2. Nathan is _____ than Erik. (short, shorter, shortest) 3. Your dog is the ___ of the bunch. (fast, faster, fastest) 4. The kittens are even __ than their mother (cute, cuter, cutest) 5. This is the _____ race I have ever participated in. (long, longer, longest) 6. My tree house is _____ than yours. (big, bigger, biggest) 7. Your sister is the _____ girl in the pageant. (pretty, prettier, prettiest) 8. Mark is the _____ boy in the house. (happy, happier, happiest) 9. You are the _____ player I know. (fair, fairer, fairest) 10. Your cat is _____ than mine. (cuddly, cuddlier, cuddliest) 11. Tina’s bedroom is ______ than Julia’s. (neat, neater, neatest) 12. These oranges are the _____ I have ever tasted.(juicy, juicier, juiciest)