ESERCIZIO NUM: 1594 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > avverbi too-enough aggettivi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

trasforma le seguenti frasi utilizzando TOO oppure ENOUGH e l'aggettivo opposto a quello presente, in modo che il significato rimanga lo stesso.

1. He isn't old enough to vote. He is ... to vote. / 2. Algebra is too difficult for me to understand. Algebra isn't ... for me to understand. / 3. I can't drink this tea. It's too cold. It's not .... / 4. The weather is not warm enough to go swimming. The weather is .... to go swimming. / 5. This book isn't easy enough for the children to read. This book is ....for the children to read. / 6. That shirt is too small for me to wear. That shirt isn't ....for me to wear. / 7. The watch was too expensive for him to buy. The watch wasn't ....for him to buy. / 8. It's not quiet enough in here to speak. Let's go out! It's .... in here to speak. Let's go out!