ESERCIZIO NUM: 1592 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > avverbi too-enough - DIFFICOLTA': ***

TOO oppure ENOUGH? scegli l'avverbio corretto per completare le seguenti frasi:

1.My sister isn’t old ... to go to the park on her own. / 2.I’m ... curious. I’m always asking questions. / 3.There are ... many people in this party. / 4.Her mother is ... intelligent to be deceived by her behaviour. / 5.If you aren’t happy ..., get a divorce! / 6.She isn’t tall ... to be a model. / 7.Jenny is ... happy. She won’t see he is an idiot! / 8.Are they good ... to win the competition? / 9.My grandfather is ... good to be true. / 10.If you use the internet, it’s easy ... to find information about anything you want to know. / 11.There were ... chairs for everybody. / 12.Isn’t he ... old to be going out with you? / 13.There are ... many football teams with financial problems. / 14.The recent recession in Spain has left ... many people out of work. / 15.There wasn’t ... water in the jug.