ESERCIZIO NUM: 1588 - CATEGORIA: verbi > gerundio infinito - DIFFICOLTA': ****
CLICCA QUI per aprire un TUTORIAL sui VERBI prima di svolgere l'esercizio

GERUNDIO oppure INFINITO? coniuga il verbo tra parentesi nel modo corretto(02):

1. After a short break they will resume (work). / 2. I can (swim) very well. / 3. I will not forget (send) your letter. / 4. They plan (finish) (build) the ground floor this week. / 5. I want (talk) to you. / 6. I can’t help(cry). I am very sad. / 7. I will help you (explain) your parents what has happened. / 8. They cannot (postpone) (get) married. / 9. I have already warned you (not/do) it ever again. / 10.I will better choose (not/go). / 11. You should not (hesitate) (tell) me what you might (need). / 12. I will certainly help you (write) this essay. / 13. Rebecca practices (play) the piano every other day. / 14. We wish you (succeed) in this deal. / 15. I really appreciate your (help) me. / 16. It is good enough (buy). / 17. I must (apologize) for my little brother. / 18. I usually suggest (think) hard before (do) something. / 19. He claimed (do) everything according to the deal. / 20. We hope (come) on time.