ESERCIZIO NUM: 1584 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > superlativi comparativi - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Trasforma l'aggettivo tra parentesi al COMPARATIVO oppure al SUPERLATIVO(03):

21. You look much(good) than yesterday / 22. The (bad) thing you can do near a fierce dog is to be afraid. / 23. She's the (careful) girl in the class. She has never broken anything. / 24. Indian cooking has some of the (hot) dishes in the world. / 25. Who is (beautiful) , Madonna or Sophia Loren ? / 26. He is the(extravagant) teacher I know. He wears his hat even in class. / 27. Living in Paris is (expensive) than living in Valencia. / 28. Anne is the(clever) person I know. She learns everything immediately. / 29. The teacher thinks we have to be (tidy) than last year. We can't go on like this. / 30. I feel (bad) than yesterday. I need a rest.