ESERCIZIO NUM: 1583 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > superlativi comparativi - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Trasforma l'aggettivo tra parentesi al COMPARATIVO oppure al SUPERLATIVO(02):

11. The(hot) dessert of all is the Shara and it's in Africa. / 12. Germany is (far) from home than France. / 13. My health is(good) now than 5 years ago. / 14. I've got (little) money than you but I don't mind. / 15. Chinese is the (difficult) language in the world. / 16. Valencia played (bad) yesterday than last week. / 17. Cats are not (intelligent) as dogs. / 18. I think you must tell me the (good) way to do it, or it will take me ages to finish. / 19. My sister Anne had a (tidy) room than me, but was always having arguments with everybody. / 20. Who is (talkative) person in class?