ESERCIZIO NUM: 1576 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > congiunzioni - DIFFICOLTA': ***

SO oppure NEITHER? scegli la congiunzione corretta per completare le seguenti frasi(01):

1.I did it on purpose. (he) / 2.They will not have bought the set. (Samantha) / 3.I am reading an interesting book. (Mark) / 4.I go to school on weekdays. (Agate) / 5.He does not like winter. (Angela) / 6.Pam can tell us everything. (her sister) / 7.Children should not lie. (parents) / 8.Teachers were sitting at the desks. (the students) / 9.The dog did not eat its dinner. (cat) / 10.The child will have come soon. (his mother)