ESERCIZIO NUM: 156 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > nomi genitivo-sassone apostrofo - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Inserisci l' apostrofo per completare le frasi e chiarire il possesso(01):

1. The teachers desk is full of papers. 2. Joe car is parked behind the school. 3. The students chairs were piled against the wall. 4. Today weather is perfect for a picnic. 5. We will review our homework during tomorrows lesson. 6. The boys bicycles were stolen. 7. Lucas notebook was filled with doodling. 8. Dad recliner needs to be upholstered. 1. The boys ____ guitars sound great. 2. Macie ____ puzzle looks complicated. 3. The students ____ backpacks were in the hallway. 4. Lionel ____ bed is against the wall.