ESERCIZIO NUM: 155 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > nomi genitivo-sassone apostrofo - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Riscrivi le frasi utilizzando il genitivo sassone:

1. The pants belong to Jonathan. 2. The piano belongs to the Smiths. 3. The dress belongs to the doll. 4. The tail belongs to the cat. 5. The eggs belong to the chickens. 6. The truck belongs to the girls. 7. The lunch belongs to Matthew. 8. The skis belong to Evan. 1. The bag belongs to Norma. 2. The books belong to your brother. 3. The room belongs to Joseph. 4. The house belongs to the Browns. 5. The mask belongs to Erin. 6. The sandals belong to Nicky. 7. The nuts belong to the squirrels. 8. The bone belongs to the dog