ESERCIZIO NUM: 151 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-misti - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Indica il nome nella prima frase a cui si riferisce il pronome in STAMPATELLO presente nella seconda frase(04):

1. Joe finished his test. He did it all by HIMSELF. 2. Listen to Erin play the piano. She learned it by HERSELF. 3. The girls are playing their new video game. They bought it THEMSELVES. 4. Look at those apples in the orchard. Let’s go pick THEM. 5. Jenna has roses in her garden. THOSE are beautiful flowers. 6. Get a new pencil. YOURS is dull. 7. The dog is chasing its tail. It is making ITSELF dizzy. 8. Can you lend Maya your ruler? HERS is broken. 9. Mark has a new bicycle. HIS got stolen. 10. Frank planted green beans. THESE grow early in the season.