ESERCIZIO NUM: 150 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-misti - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Indica il nome nella prima frase a cui si riferisce il pronome in STAMPATELLO presente nella seconda frase(03):

1. Grandma picked carrots from her garden. She grows them HERSELF. 2. Look at the colorful leaves. THOSE are beautiful! 3. Is something wrong with the cat? It keeps scratching ITSELF. 4. Finish your vegetables. THEY are good for you. 5. We have a nice tree house. My dad and I built it OURSELVES. 6. Greta baked a chocolate cake. THAT is delicious! 7. John found a solution to the problem. He solved it HIMSELF. 8. Fanny and Lisa sewed a new dress for their doll. They made it THEMSELVES. 9. Here are two markers, a red one and a blue one. Which ONE do you want? 10. I have left-over pie. Do you want SOME?