ESERCIZIO NUM: 149 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-misti - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Indica il nome nella prima frase a cui si riferisce il pronome in STAMPATELLO presente nella seconda frase(02):

1. Martin, this is your mess. Clean it YOURSELF! 2. I need a new pair of shoes. MINE are too small. 3. Paula made a card for her father. She colored it by HERSELF. 4. It’s time to go through your clothes. SOME are too old. 5. Caleb and Cole have many stamps. They collected them THEMSELVES. 6. Count the scissors. It looks like MANY are missing. 7. Look at the candies in the store. THOSE look so good! 8. The artist painted a new painting. IT is very lovely. 9. He invited all his cousins. Unfortunately, FEW can come. 10. Franklin showed us his pictures. He took them by HIMSELF.