ESERCIZIO NUM: 146 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-personali - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Sostituisci tutti i nomi in STAMPATELLO con il corretto pronome personale nelle seguenti frasi(02):

1. ELIZABETH came downstairs to answer the door. 2. FRANK gave a hand to his brother, and they fixed the bike together. 3. YOUR GOLDFISH looks healthy. 4. YOU AND MAX visited the museum last week. 5. THE BOOKS are on the shelf by the window. 6. ARTIE AND I will play soccer next summer. 7. She told HER FRIEND the ending of the movie. 8. Martin thanked HIS DAD before getting out of the car. 9. The teacher looked at YOU AND JANET for the answer. 10. Irene put THE PLATES on the table beside the utensils