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Scegli il miglior PRONOME RELATIVO per completare ogni frase. Se non è necessario, inserisci una X.

1. It was Wilson .... gave me the old map and he had found it in a old junk shop. --- 2. My uncle apologised for his insult, .... we accepted gracefully. --- 3. Hank put the keys down on the table .... was in the kitchen. --- 4. Much .... your father left in his will is going to your mother. --- 5. Unfortunately, the car hit the dog .... I love so much and it was killed. --- 6. That car, .... owner was arrested by the police, has been parked there ever since. --- 7. There are several reasons for the closure of the school, most of .... have already been explained fully. --- 8. This was the room .... we first met and spoke. Do you remember?