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Quale di queste frasi è corretta?

1. Despite that Harold wasn't the fastest runner, he won the race. --- 2. There were not many people at the party, but it was really enjoyable. --- 3. Despite not feel too good this morning, I went to work. --- 4. It's an old radio. Although, it works really well. --- 5. Although Gary worked for weeks on that assignment, he got a terrible mark for it. --- 6. Despite my thick overcoat, I felt cold while at the stadium watching the game. --- 7. In spite of the fact that I lay on the beach all day, I am as white as I was before! --- 8. I performed confidently at the interview. Despite, I didn't get the job. --- 9. Even though Rosa and Marcello had a huge row last night, they seem very happy today. --- 10. In spite to speak English well, they asked me to take a course at the university.