ESERCIZIO NUM: 1332 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > few-little some-any many-much - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Le seguenti frasi che contengono QUANTIFIERS sono corrette(02)?

1. If you have some doubts about the exam, come and ask me. --- 2. There were no photos taken here last night. None. --- 3. All the students didn't understand the lesson and the teacher got very angry. --- 4. Almost everything you ask him, he refuses without even considering it. --- 5. Put that horror movie on Channel 4 on. Anything would be better than this! --- 6. There's many news we don't know yet. I hope it's not as bad as we fear. --- 7. There were no seat left on the 6.15 train so I had to get the next one. --- 8. Few people realise how hard it is for a single mother.