ESERCIZIO NUM: 1308 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > comparativi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Per completare ogni frase scegli una parola dall'elenco. Potrebbe essere necessario modificare la forma della parola al COMPARATIVO.

1. On our bus service, the later you catch a bus, the .... it is. // 2. Harry's always so stressed about work and the .... time he has for his family, the more miserable they are. // 3. The boss made it clear that the later the project was finished, the .... the punishments would be. // 4. We have a special offer on at the moment. The .... shoes you buy, the cheaper they are per item. // 5. This party is a disaster! The .... people come, the more embarrassing it's going to be. // 6. James in an awful liar. The .... his stories are, the more ridiculous he looks. // 7. I want these t-shirts to be black. Really black, the blacker the ....! // 8. What a crazy couple. The more he shouts, the .... she screams!