ESERCIZIO NUM: 120 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-personali - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Sostituisci la parola in STAMPATELLO con il corretto PRONOME PERSONALE(03):

KITTENS like to drink milk. / This is SOFIA’s hat. / THE KITE flies in the sky. / Amy threw THE BALL for her dog to fetch. / CHILDREN are playing in the park. / Do these candies belong to DUNCAN AND NOA? / SUE likes to write in her journal. / The doll belongs to CAMILLA. / DISNEY WORLD is in Florida. / THE CAT ran across the street. / JACK plays the trombone. / THE APPLE fell from the tree. / MOM likes to drink sweet tea. / This is CARL’s glass of milk. / The flowers in THE GARDEN are beautiful. / THE SUN rises in the east. / Can you ask DAN to peel the potatoes please?