ESERCIZIO NUM: 1168 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > discorso - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Cambia le frasi da discorso diretto ad indiretto usando la persona e il verbo tra parentesi(08):

11. Don’t leave your room again (MOTHER, ORDER) // 12. Don’t touch the wire with wet hands. (THE ELECTRICIAN, WARN) // 13. Please buy some eggs (SHE, ASK) // 14. I’ll let you see the prisoner first thing in the morning (THE INSPECTOR, AGREE) // 15. Everybody be quiet. (SHE, ORDER) // 16. Don’t go near the fire. (THE MAN, WARN) // 17. Don’t forget to thank your mother. (FATHER, REMIND) // 18. You can use my phone (HE, ALLOW) // 19. Tell me the truth (SHE, DEMAND) // 20. Don’t play games with me (THE TEACHER, WARN)