ESERCIZIO NUM: 1167 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > discorso - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Cambia le frasi da discorso diretto ad indiretto usando la persona e il verbo tra parentesi(07):

1. Yes! I’ll do it again (JACK, AGREE) // 2. Would you like to drive me home? (JIM, OFFER) // 3. I will pay you on Friday (THE BOSS, PROMISE) // 4. Keep quiet or I’ll punish you (THE TEACHER, THREATEN) // 5. Please, close the door (FATHER, ASK). // 6. Please, don’t hit the dog. (HE,BEG) // 7. Move to your right (THE INSTRUCTOR, COMMAND) // 8. You mustn’t come home after eleven (MOTHER, FORBID) // 9. Mix the eggs with flour. (THE COOK, INSTRUCT) // 10. Don’t forget to turn off the lights (DAD, REMIND)