ESERCIZIO NUM: 1162 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > discorso - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Cambia le frasi da discorso diretto ad indiretto usando come inizio frase la parte che trovi tra parentesi(02):

11. Peter: “I will not stop until this factory is shut down”. (Peter announced that …) // 12. Her boyfriend told her: “You have bought yourself a wonderful dress. “ (Her boyfriend told her…) // 13. Paul: “I don’t like my new flat” (Paul said that …) // 14. My father to Ben:”I am sure I saw you here last week.” (My father told Ben…) // 15. Betty:”If I knew the answer I would tell you”. (Betty assured me ….) // 16. He said:” Tomorrow at five o’clock I will be sitting on a train to Glasgow.” (He said that…) // 17. Miss Jackson:”I warned you to study for the test a month ago.” (Miss Jackson reminded me...) // 18. Dave:”I was outside the classroom during the break but I saw a group of my colleagues inside the room.” (Dave said that …) // 19. Mrs Wilson: “No one has ever spoken to me like this before.” (Mrs Wilson said …) // 20. Little Johnny to his neighbour:” I am not proud of what I have done”. (Little Johnny admitted…)