ESERCIZIO NUM: 1161 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > discorso - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Cambia le frasi da discorso diretto ad indiretto usando come inizio frase la parte che trovi tra parentesi(01):

1. Mary said:”I will play cards the day after tomorrow”. (Mary informed me…) // 2. Sophie said:”I went to bed early last night”. (Sophie said ….) // 3. The teacher said to Jenny: “You have to learn your grammar”. (The teacher told Jenny…) // 4. Monique to the immigration officer:” This is my first trip to England.” (Monique told the immigration officer…) // 5. He told me:”You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen”. (He told me …) // 6. Nick said:”I’m going to visit my parents next month”. (Nick declared that …) // 7. Lilly: “My parents are fine and I really get on with them”. (Lilly said …) // 8. Gloria:” I am sorry but I can’t come to your birthday party because I am going away for the weekend.”(Gloria explained that …) // 9. Mark:”My friend Gary has found a new job in the music business.” (Mark said that …) // 10. Judy: “I have already written this essay four times.” (Judy complained that …)