ESERCIZIO NUM: 1147 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > preposizioni - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Utilizza le seguenti espressioni con la preposizione ON per completare le frasi(02):

on television - on a diet - on the whole - on an expedition - on the phone - on sale - on the outskirts - on your way - on purpose - on occasions - on average - on fire - on strike - on loan - on the increase - on a trip - on foot - on board - on guard - on a cruise
11. 150 passengers ___ an Alpine train in Kaprun died when the train caught fire inside a tunnel. // 12. While we were ___ our ship anchored at Istanbul, where we visited the Grand Bazaar and Topkapi Palace. // 13. Barcelona’s centre is a maze of narrow streets and medieval buildings, in contrast to the modern apartment buildings ___ of the city. // 14. I am afraid the book “Little House of the Prairie” is ___ from the library at the moment. Would you like to reserve it? // 15. Do you pass a newsagent ___ to work? If you do, would you mind picking me up the Times? // 16. I don’t think the baby dropped it. I think she threw it to the ground ___ in order to gain our attention. // 17. How long have you been ___ ? – For three weeks now, but I can’t resist eating a little chocolate so I haven’t lost much weight yet. // 18. Two days after the bombing, we could still see the flames from the building ___ . // 19. In 1984, the British coal miners went ___ for almost a year. // 20. The number of European and American companies investing in underdeveloped countries is ___ as they take advantage of lower wages.