ESERCIZIO NUM: 1146 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > preposizioni - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Utilizza le seguenti espressioni con la preposizione ON per completare le frasi(01):

on television - on a diet - on the whole - on an expedition - on the phone - on sale - on the outskirts - on your way - on purpose - on occasions - on average - on fire - on strike - on loan - on the increase - on a trip - on foot - on board - on guard - on a cruise
1. The owner of the hotel is a qualified chef, but he rarely cooks himself nowadays. However, ___ he helps the head chef in the kitchen if the restaurant is busy. // 2. I do have a few suggestions that should improve your presentation, but ___ I think it was an excellent speech. // 3. We went ___ to Paris for a day on the train and saw the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral. // 4. She is supposed to be studying for her exam but whenever I go to her room she is __ chatting to her friends. // 5. We bought a stereo music center that was ___ because it was in the display window. // 6. All the roads that led to the town centre were closed because of the flood so it was only possible to reach the main square ___ . // 7. A human heart beats 72 times per minute ___ . // 8. At the beginning of the 16 th century, ___ of the South American jungles, Balboa became the first European to look at the Pacific Ocean. // 9. The warders who are ___ at the Tower of London to protect valuable jewels are also known as “Beefeaters”. // 10. The film “JFK” is being shown ___ on Monday night at 9 p.m. on Channel 4.