ESERCIZIO NUM: 1131 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > negative-form - DIFFICOLTA': ***

In ogni spazio vuoto inserisci NO oppure NOT.

1. He said he has... time to help me so it looks as if I'm on my own! // 2. You have... only endangered your own safety but also that of the spectators. // 3. ...wonder he was late. Look at all the books he's carrying! // 4. Will you... try and talk to the boss and see if he can't find another way of increasing profits? // 5. The company had... serious rivals in the industry. // 6. The virus is... the source of the outbreak. We must keep looking. // 7. There is... much money left for another experiment. // 8. ...longer happy with organizing parties every weekend, Phil decided to form a rock band. // 9. I can see you tomorrow, but... on Friday. // 10. I have... idea what time she'll be arriving. // 11. I do... have any idea what time she'll be arriving.