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1. I am getting a little overweight. ---> // 2. I have had toothache all week. ---> // 3. I haven't heard off my best friend in over a week. ---> // 4. These jeans have got holes in the knees. ---> // 5. It's 2am and I am feeling very tired. ---> // 6. It's 7.50pm and I have to meet my friend at 8pm!! ---> // 7. I have never used the internet before! ---> // 8. I think I am the best student in the class. ---> // 9. I really like it when people buy drinks for me. --->
SCEGLI:it's high time you were more modest // it's time you phoned your friend // it's time you bought a new pair of jeans // it's time you went on a diet // it's time you left // it's time you went to the dentist // it's time you went to bed // it's high time you were less mean and more generous // it's time you learnt how to use the internet